The best buyer representation in St. Petersburg, FL

We pride ourselves on offering absolutely top-notch service to our buyer clients. Whether you are ready to by a home or condo today or are just beginning your search we will help you every step of the way. We can help educate you on our area, determine the type of home and which areas best serve your needs, and find the best options out there.

When we represent you as a buyer we have a fiduciary duty to server your interests, and we take the duty seriously. From search, to contract negotiations, home inspection and the closing table, we are always just a call, text message or email away.

Here are ten benefits to using us as your buyer agent.

1. Our services are FREE - In most cases the seller pays all agent commissions, not the buyer. Hiring a Buyers Agent is one of the best bargains you will ever find. If you needed legal advice, and a top-notch attorney offered their services free of charge, would you take them up on it? I know I would.

2. We work for you - We handle scheduling and logistics of all property showings, and will personally show you every property of interest. Don't call the listing agent, they are working for the seller.

3. Market Knowledge - We work in the local real estate market every day, and you can tap our knowledge for free. This is key to finding the best home for you at the best price.

4. Professional Negotiation - We have been negotiating real estate transactions for more than a decade, and have worked with many hundreds of buyers in that time. As a Buyer’s Agent we have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interest, and that means we are obligated to help you negotiate the best possible price.

5. Professional Connections - We know the best lenders, home inspectors, title companies and contractors in the area, and you can tap in to that network.

6. Insider Knowledge - We sometimes know if a property is coming on the market before it happens. If you are interested in a particular neighborhood or development, and the type of property you are looking for is not on the market, we will make professional inquires on your behalf.

7. Access to Comparable Sale Data - The most important information you can have when considering a purchase on a home or condo is an in-depth analysis of the “Comps,” or comparable sales. This is like a mini-appraisal of the property, and helps us determine where to start negotiations. We are educated in business and finance and always perform a complete price analysis for our buyers.

8. Help Identifying Your Needs - Given any price range there is rarely a perfect property. Having worked with so many buyers we can often help “see the forest through the trees,” and narrow down what is really important in a home purchase.

9. Mitigator of Emotions - Real estate transactions can stir up all kinds of emotions on the part of buyer and seller. This is a natural reaction to the stress sometimes associated with large financial transactions, particularly when people are not accustomed to dealing with it. We help remove the emotions and stress from the transaction and keep everyone moving forward to meet their goals.

10. Knowledge of Industry Standards, Legalities and Contracts - We prepare the contract and all necessary documents required for the purchase of the property, explain any seller disclosures and contingencies to the contract, help you negotiate the best sale price, attend the home inspection and negotiate any items relating to that inspection, and then work with the title company to manage the transaction until closing. All this time we represent your interests, making sure you are legally protected and getting value for your money.

One final thing: When you work with us you will never, ever feel pressured. All that we care about it that we find the best property for you, however long that takes. So, why not start now? We look forward to working with you!

Contact us today or call Christine Bacon direct at 727-480-9081