Townhomes have some advantages over single-family homes and condos, and for some buyers it can make a lot of sense to buy a home in a townhome development. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning a townhome that might help if you’re considering a townhome purchase in the St Petersburg FL area.

A townhome, also referred to as a townhouse, row-house or city-home, is typically a two-to-four story home attached to a similar home on one or both sides. Most occupy a small parcel of land which is owned by the homeowner. The unit on either end usually sits on a bit larger lot and offers those owners some side yard. End-units are favored for the extra land, because they provide only one neighbor, and because they often have additional windows on the side that provide more light.

Advantages of townhome living:

Lower Maintenance - Having little to no yard offers some serious advantages in the maintenance department. Many townhomes have just enough front and back yard to allow the owner to enjoy adding their own touch to the landscape, while providing those without green thumbs a simple, inexpensive yard to deal with if they want to pay a local company to do it for them.

Better Security - Proximity to other homes and neighbors makes it more difficult for criminals to sneak around the neighborhood and break into homes. Street lights in many townhome neighborhoods add to the feeling of security and further hamper any illegal activity.

Amenities - Many townhome communities offer pools, fitness centers, tennis courts and boat docks, similar to condo communities. While the cost of maintaining these facilities is usually shared by all in the form of a HOA (Homeowner’s Association) fee, it could still save you some money over the single-family homeowner.

Less Noise  - Anyone who has ever lived in an apartment or condo and had neighbors above and below knows it’s a plus not to have people walking around over your head or blasting loud music or movies downstairs.

Disadvantages of townhome living:

Home Owner’s Association - There are clearly both advantages and disadvantages of living in a property overseen by a HOA. But for those who want to park a boat in front of their house, paint their doors purple and the front of the house pink, or replace the engine in their truck in the front yard it may become a problem. Persons living under a Home Owner's Association give up some personal freedoms for the good of the overall community.

Stairs - An inherent feature of townhomes is multiple floors, which means stairs, and sometimes a LOT of stairs. Some townhomes solve this problem with elevators.

Less Privacy - Since townhomes are connected to at least one neighbor, and will have more neighbors in a smaller area than a single-family home, a townhome will generally offer less privacy as a single family home (but more so than a condo).

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